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Leafy Greens Farms – Who We Are, and What We Do

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Leafy Greens Farms, LLC is a collaborative endeavor operated by Jim Ray, an electrical engineer and owner of Neuse Networks, and, Steve Douglass, owner of Turner Family Farms. Together, we are developing innovative LED lighting and environmental control systems combined with old-school floating tray methods to produce year round weekly crops of greens and sprouts. Micro greens and sprouts as well as the indoor agriculture systems are for sale to both retail and wholesale customers, restaurants, and commercial farmers. Indoor agriculture systems connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) with addressable components for lighting and climate control allow us to remotely manage crops, to maximize energy efficiency, and to conserve natural resources.
Our microgreens mix is a combination of various brassicas (cruciferae) like Cabbage, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mizuna and Radish.  When used as a garnish or part of a salad mix, they not only enhance flavor, but also boost the nutritional value of any meal. Smoothie enthusiasts add an ounce or two to their morning drinks to round out the nutritional profile.  This time of year, our personal favorite thing at Leafy Greens Farms, is to garnish soups and stews right before serving.
Harvested, packed, and shipped on the same day.

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Our microgreens have never been touched or sprayed. Please follow your own best practices for handling food. We take pre-orders for crops, and ship all produce on the same day of harvest with 1-2 day delivery inside the continental United States. Harvests occur each week, and you should expect to receive your order between 2 and 9 days. Otherwise, you will receive the next harvest the following week.

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Jim Ray, CTO
office: 855-636-9114 cell: 984-459-0458
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Stephen J. Douglass, COO
office:  855-636-9114 cell: 910-282-7190
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