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Web Site Shopping Cart with No Monthly Fees



YES!!! Our shopping cart for our online ordering system has been tested. We created our web site with WordPress, and use Woocommerce for our shopping cart. It is way cool because we have absolutely no monthly fees, and total control over the site. Except for a test transaction, we are not *quiet* yet open for online business. We are very much one step closer. More importantly, we are able to help others set up their own shopping carts, and to avoid unnecessary monthly fees.



Jim Ray

Jim Ray, CTO
Leafy Greens Farms, LLC
Teachey, NC 28464
office: 919-297-2926 cell: 984-459-0458
Leafy Greens Farms, LLC is a collaborative endeavor operated by Jim Ray, an electrical engineer and owner of Neuse Networks, and, Steve Douglass, owner of Turner Family Farms. Together, we are developing innovative LED lighting and environmental control systems combined with old-school floating tray methods to produce micro greens for sale to both retail and wholesale customers.