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Leafy Greens Farms LLC
Teachey, NC 28464
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Leafy Greens Farms – From the Ground Up

A lot has happened this month. We officially started the business, launched our new web site, produced our first product, applied for our first grant that may provide $10,000 of capital without diluting equity in the corporation, and started the third prototype of the production system.

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The first prototype of our LED lighting system used 60W of power and yielded 12 ounces of micro greens for each of two 14″x28″ trays.

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The first batch of completely indoor-grown micro greens tasted awesome, and had absolutely no sprays or dive bombs from birds.

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Feeding people, and helping people feed themselves with our systems and methods that continuously produce year round has more karma value than most anything else I have done in life to date.

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Critical to our success is the ability of our production system to scale.

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The next generation of prototype increased LED power to 120W.

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The network addressable environmental control system using Raspberry Pi will allow operators to bring your own device (BYOD) to set temperature, humidity, air flow, CO2 injection, and lighting at a quantum level to optimize photosynthesis while simultaneously minimizing energy. The entire system is built from the ground up to operate off of 12 VDC off the grid.

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The Raspberry Pi HAT (hardware attached on top) allows us to have a web server that the operator may access from any web browser or mobile device to control the modular and scalable closed loop plant growth micro tunnels.

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Specific red and blue wavelengths of LEDs allow cultivars to get the colors that the plants need the most.

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LEDs have waterproof protective coating and operate on 12 VDC so no permits or licensed electricians are required for installation.

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We tested our 60W LED system side by side with a 220W fluorescent system and had good results.

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We are currently expanding production in the high tunnel at our farm.

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The third prototype is under construction now, and has 500W of LEDs in a 16 square foot area that compares nicely to a 1000W halogen lighting system in a 4’x4′ area.

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Stay tuned for more progress.



Leafy Greens Farms LLC
986 Wells Town Road
Teachey, NC 28464