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Company Launch and Presentation

It thrills me to no end to officially launch our company tomorrow at First Flight Venture Center. Many thanks to Jim McLean with Learning Machines for inviting us to his First Flight “Itineraries” Company Presentation and luncheon. If you are in town, and you would like to attend, then let me know by the end of the day. I will try to make room if possible. We only have a few people attending, and are meeting in a small conference room.

For those that want to attend virtually, well, your wish is my command. Here’s the 90 second version in the form of a video.

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Jim Ray

Jim Ray, CTO
Leafy Greens Farms, LLC
Teachey, NC 28464
office: 919-297-2926 cell: 984-459-0458
Leafy Greens Farms, LLC is a collaborative endeavor operated by Jim Ray, an electrical engineer and owner of Neuse Networks, and, Steve Douglass, owner of Turner Family Farms. Together, we are developing innovative LED lighting and environmental control systems combined with old-school floating tray methods to produce year round weekly crops of greens and sprouts. Micro greens and sprouts as well as the indoor agriculture systems are for sale to both retail and wholesale customers, restaurants, and commercial farmers. Indoor agriculture systems connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) with addressable components for lighting and climate control allow us to remotely manage crops, to maximize energy efficiency, and to conserve natural resources.